GO VOTe!2022

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Do you have a plan to go vote on Election day?

Here you can get a resource to help you make a plan to go vote!



Immigration Partnership Winnipeg wants eligible newcomers to get out and vote!


What to know?

  • The upcoming election is October 26, 2022

  • The election is to elect the Mayor, city councilors, and school board trustees.

  • At the last election, only 42% of eligible voters exercised their right to vote

  • Immigrant and refugee turnout is usually pretty low.

  • By 2041 2 in 5 people in Canada will be an Immigrant or a child of an Immigrant our vote matters!

Learn More in Your Language!

Check out the links below for posters about voting in Winnipeg.....
Check out the links below for videos about voting in Winnipeg.....

Why Does It Matter?

  • About 25% of Winnipeg's population are newcomers

  • The population of Newcomers in Canada is Growing! By 2041 it is projected that 41% of Winnipegger will be from a racialized group.

  • If you vote, you will have a say in how your kids schools are run

  • If you vote, you will have a say in the price of bus tickets

  • If you vote, you will have a say in small business taxes

  • If you vote, you will have a say in policing in Winnipeg

  • If you don’t vote, it’s not a democracy!

What To Do:

  • Find out if you're eligible. 
    o    Are you 18 and over, and a Canadian citizen?

    o    Have you lived in your Ward for at least six         months? You are ready

  • o    Are you registered to vote? Check here! Register in advance or at the polls.
    o    You're ready!

  • Get out and vote!

Click here for the Voter information Brochure to learn more!

I Want to Get Involved!

  • We want to engage as many people as possible to make sure everyone who can vote, does vote!

  • If you think your community should be involved, contact us here

  • Join us on facebook for timely updates and election info.

Previous Campaigns

 Campaign News!

  • Stay tune for our upcoming early voting election shuttle!

  • Upcoming Mayoral Forum on Newcomer Priorities on October 15th,2022

I Need More Information

Want to know who is running? Need some explanations? Have questions?

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Why does the Newcomer Vote Matter and how have things changed? Check our Immigration Fact Sheet to learn more: