Employment Sector Table

  • Support the creation or expansion of progressive policies and practices that improve newcomer employment

  • Provide leadership on employment issues for newcomers as they arise

  • Analyze trends & gaps, provide direction, expertise, knowledge and research on issues related to newcomer employment as required

  • Engage stakeholders including employers to:

  1. Remove barriers to newcomer employment

  2. Create a more hospitable employment environment where newcomer’s skills can be recognized and they can meet their potential 

  3. Pro-actively respond to cultural needs of newcomers and employers

  4.  Connect newcomers and employers to networks, referrals and resources that will further their success in obtaining gainful employment 

  • Provide support for employment and employment equity initiatives including mentorship programs, bridging programs, credential recognition, inter-cultural training programs, life skills programs, job search programs, internships, job shadowing etc… 

  • Coordinate with other sector tables and organizations to decrease barriers and create inclusive policies and environments for newcomer employment to flourish

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Inclusion and Civic Engagement Sector Table 

  • Enhance the public’s understanding of and value for newcomers and immigration to Winnipeg through public forums and advocacy

  • Increase newcomer participation, and ensure their voice is heard, in governmental, non-governmental and civic process(es).

  • Ensure all three levels of government and other key institutions are informed of newcomers’ needs and barriers, as well as opportunities to improve the quality of life for newcomers in Winnipeg.

  • Understand unique issues faced by newcomers and work to foster understanding 


Indigenous and Newcomers Engagement Sector Table


  • Create and maintain bridges between the Indigenous and newcomer communities through the creation of new opportunities and the further development of current practices that allow for cross cultural learning, understanding and support.

  • Increase opportunities for learning and understanding between newcomer and indigenous communities.

  • Find creative ways to integrate Indigenous education into newcomers' experiences


Immigrant Advisory Table:

  • Provide input into the development of IPW’s Strategic Plan


  • Ensure that IPW’s priorities are relevant to the newcomer communities’ needs in Winnipeg


  • Provide feedback on the implementation of the Strategic Plan

  • Be a constructive voice for newcomers on a number of obstacles they face 


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