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Exploring fears, facts & impacts about refugee claimants in Manitoba

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Indigenous Orientation Toolkit  

One of Immigration Partnership Winnipeg’s (IPW) major strategic priorities is to enhance bridges between the Indigenous and newcomer communities through the creation of new opportunities and the further development of current practices that enable and facilitate cross cultural learning, understanding and support to promote cultural safety.


As one initiative to achieve this priority, IPW, in partnership with the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba, the University of Manitoba Community Service Learning & KAIROS Canada, is developing an Orientation Tool for newcomer communities on Indigenous history, culture and contemporary realities.


We believe that at the very early stage of their arrival, if not prior to their landing, newcomers should be educated about Indigenous perspectives on the history of Canada. Bringing the historical aspect during the settlement orientation is extremely important as a preventative measure to having internalized oppressive beliefs about Indigenous people.

It is important to set the frame right by having newcomers understand the history of Canada and some of its devastative effect on Indigenous Peoples.


The Indigenous Orientation Toolkit seeks to build awareness, de-bunk myths and develop understanding of Indigenous issues for newly arrived immigrants and refugees and those who help them settle in Manitoba.

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