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General Settlement Services

Altered Minds Inc.

This Entry Program Provides free settlement orientation and language classes newcomers. This is a required program for all new immigrants to Manitoba.

Orientation Topics include Employment;  working in Canada, where to get help to look for  work and workplace regulations.


 Paris Building; 259 Portage Ave, Winnipeg. 

 MB R3B 2A9.

 Phone: (204) 944-0133.


Aurora Family Therapy Centre Inc.

Newcomer Community Development Services

Helps immigrant and refugee families understand, navigate, settle, access social support and   address a broad range of personal needs in a group format. Individual, couple, and family   therapy available.


5th Floor, 491 Portage Ave, Winnipeg.

MB R3B 2E4​

Phone: (204) 786-925


Elmwood Community Resource Centre and Area Association Inc.

This is a Neighborhood Immigrant Settlement Program.

They have settlement workers who provide orientation and settlement services and support   to immigrant  and newcomers by connecting them with information, programs and   resources in our community.



 545 Watt St, Winnipeg

 MB R2K 2S2

 Phone: (204) 982-1720



Immigrant Centre Manitoba Inc.

A Neighborhood Immigrant Settlement Programs that welcomes and visits new families in the community  and helps them access community resources. They organize community events where newcomers and  other community members can meet one another while providing links with existing systems to share  issues.



100 Adelaide St, Winnipeg

MB R3A 0W2

Phone: (204) 943-9158



Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Program

Provides settlement services for permanent residents settling in the St. Vital and St. Boniface communities.

The Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Coordinator mentors, supports, and offers orientation and guidance to 29 Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Workers (NISWs) working across Winnipeg. Hosting this program at the Immigrant Centre has ensured a consistent message is given to all newcomers, along with providing a professional standard of practice and training among the NISWs



900 St Mary's Rd, Winnipeg,

MB R2M 3R3

Phone: (204) 257-7827




Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations

Member Services.

Acts as a voice for the Manitoba settlement and integration sector.

Supports our members through communication, networking and professional development activities.


#610 - 275 Portage Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3B 2B3 
Phone: (204) 272-0872 



Mennonite Central Committee Manitoba Inc. - General

Services of MCC Manitoba

They run local and international programs;

  • The local programs include

  • Abuse response and prevention

  • Indigenous Neighbours

  • International volunteer exchange program (ivep)

  • Low German Mennonite services based in Winkler

  • Migration and resettlement



134 Plaza Dr.

Winnipeg, MB R3T 5K9


Office: 1-204-261-6381

Toll Free: 1-888-622-6337

Fax: 1-204-269-9875



Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba Inc. 

They conduct information sessions on;

  • Immigration issues 

  • Business start-ups for newcomers

  • Justice, legal / police services

  • Managing your money / finances

  • Diet, nutrition, preventive health

  • Youth camps,

  • Retreats during summer & winter breaks



737 Keewatin St


MB R2X 3B9

Phone: (204) 775-4928




Manitoba Chinese Women's Association

Cultural Enrichment/Preservation and Support  Program, Women's Program, Settlement Support Services/Access to Resources.

They promote the cultural awareness and cross- cultural exchange, engages in and enriches the multicultural mosaic, while helping community members in better integration into mainstream society. Cherishes Chinese values and heritage, fosters and enhance friendships among Chinese and other ethnic communities, contributes to the mutual understanding and appreciation of Chinese and other cultures, and enhances cultural exchange between China and Canada. 






Manitoba Islamic Association

Youth program, After-School Activities, EAL Support Program/Language Classes, Cultural Enrichment/Preservation and Support  Program, Women's Program, Social Enterprise Program/Scholarships/Education,  Settlement Support Services/Access to Resources,  Sports/Extracurricular Program,  Employment Services.



2445 Waverley St.
Winnipeg Manitoba R3Y 1S3

Phone: (204) 256-1347



Spanish Club of Winnipeg Inc.

Youth program, EAL Support Program/Language Classes, Cultural Enrichment/Preservation and Support  Program, Settlement Support Services/Access to Resources, Sports/Extracurricular Program, Employment Services.


677 Selkirk Ave

Phone: 204-586-7615



Westman Immigrant Services

Youth program, EAL Support Program/Language Classes, Women's Program, Settlement Support Services/Access to Resources, Sports/Extracurricular Program, Employment Services.


1001 Pacific Ave, Brandon,

MB R7A 0J2

Phone: (204) 727-6031




Yazidi Association of Manitoba

Settlement Support Services/Access to Resources. Dedicated to advocate, represent and absorb refugees of the Yazidi minority in Canada. The Yazidis are a persecuted religious minority from northern Iraq and from around the world

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