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The main purpose of this research component is to resource the IPW Council with background on public policy in support of the settlement of newcomers (recent immigrants and refugees) to Winnipeg.

The Immigration Partnership Winnipeg (IPW) public consultations sought to stimulate a dialogue among community stakeholders on what is being done and what needs to be done to help immigrants and refugees integrate into Winnipeg life. Discussions among sector oriented groups was the start of an ongoing conversation to assist the IPW Council in its mandate to improve integration services and supports.

Seven newcomer employment services provided data for this report, collectively representing 7,529 newcomers seeking employment in Winnipeg during the 2013-2014 fiscal year. These organizations each provided an average of 29.5 different kinds of employment-related services for newcomers living in Winnipeg

A literature review of local partnerships and welcoming community strategies.

This environmental scan offers a summary of current non-governmental settlement services in Winnipeg, highlighting the work of service provider organizations (SPOs), ethno-cultural organizations, and the faith community.
Additionally, it reviews the history of non-governmental settlement services in Winnipeg, captures reflections on partnership and coordination within the settlement sector, and identifies current gaps in settlement services.

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