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Accessibility Services

 Canadian Multicultural Disability Centre

Provides support to disabled persons.

CMDCI is a community-based organization whose purpose is:

  • To identify solutions and opportunities that enable persons with disabilities to participate fully in Canadian life;

  • To provide education on the role of cultural diversity in developing opportunities for persons with disabilities, particularly persons with disabilities from ethno-racial backgrounds.

  • To enhance the skills of persons with disabilities through training programs such as health education, computer literacy, and job networking.


Address: 1239 Manahan Ave, Winnipeg,

MB R3T 5S8

Phone(204) 453-0391



 Society For Manitobans With Disabilities Inc. Ethnocultural

Ethnocultural Program that helps people / families living with disabilities who come from a variety of ethnic communities connect with needed social services and supports. They provide a support system for newcomer families in accessing services and supports available in Winnipeg.


825 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg

MB R3A 1M5

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