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About Us

Our Vision

Winnipeg is a welcoming and inclusive multi-cultural city where everyone finds the support and opportunities to realize their best potential.

Our Mandate

To be responsible for engaging stakeholders, identifying needs and priorities, and areas for action to support settlement and integration of newcomers in Winnipeg.


This Mandate will be achieved with a commitment to:


  •  Active participation and undertaking tasks in a participatory manner

  •  A comprehensive and strategic approach for supporting  the settlement and integration of immigrants, and

  •  Innovative solutions and a willingness to reach out to non-traditional partners

Our Strategic Plan

1.    Address and seek solutions to the disproportionate and inequitable impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on newcomer communities.

2.    Support the development of newcomer-led framework for mental health in Manitoba that is culturally responsive and trauma informed.

3.    Continue to be a national leader in Indigenous-Newcomer relationship building and increase reconciliation work within the Newcomer Settlement Sector and society.

4.    Address systemic racism within the Justice System in a way that honours the newcomer communities lived experiences and contributes to substantive change.

What We Do : 

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are multi-sectoral collectives that bring a new form of collaboration, at the community-level, to newcomer settlement and integration. They are designed to establish, facilitate and implement a community-wide strategy for improving the settlement and integration of immigrants. The LIP model is having success across Canada with more than 40 LIPs in four Canadian provinces now.

Funding and support for the LIPs comes from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The Winnipeg Immigration Partnership (IPW) helps create a community that has a strong desire and capacity to receive newcomers and make them feel at home.

For more detailed information on LIPs,  Click  Here

Objectives of IPW:

  • Maximize the knowledge, skills, experience and expertise of immigrants.

  • Mobilize collective resources to plan and coordinate immigration services;

  • Build on collective strengths and existing work done by community agencies to date;

  • Change the attitudes and approach in our community to newcomer inclusion ; and,

  • Build inclusion capacity and sustainability for the future.

Meet The Team

Thank you for your interest in our organization and the work that we do!

If you would like to make a donation towards any of our current projects, you can donate today through the Social Planning Council below:

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