What We Do

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are multi-sectoral collectives that bring a new form of collaboration, at the community-level, to newcomer settlement and integration. They are designed to establish, facilitate and implement a community-wide strategy for improving the settlement and integration of immigrants. The LIP model is having success across Canada with more than 40 LIPs in four Canadian provinces now.

Funding and support for the LIPs comes from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The Winnipeg Immigration Partnership (IPW) helps create a community that has a strong desire and capacity to receive newcomers and make them feel at home.

For more detailed information on LIPs, see this report.

Objectives of IPW

  • Maximize the knowledge, skills, experience and expertise of immigrants.

  • Mobilize collective resources to plan and coordinate immigration services;

  • Build on collective strengths and existing work done by community agencies to date;

  • Change the attitudes and approach in our community to newcomer inclusion ; and,

  • Build inclusion capacity and sustainability for the future.

Our Team

Hani A. Al-Ubeady



204-943-2561 ext 223 


Hani is a community activist who has been assisting newcomers successfully integrate into Winnipeg society for nearly twenty years. He fully understands the importance of the initial support that newcomers to Canada need upon arrival. He also believes that integration process is not a cookie-cutter and one size fits all type of work.  It is dynamic and evolving work that requires a deep understanding of cross-cultural partnerships among all members of society. He strives everyday to make the two way integration process more successful for everyone involved in creating a true and realistic welcoming and inclusive community.

Jessica Praznik

Project Manager


204-943-2561 ext 242

Jessica is a dedicated advocate and ally for marginalized communities, and is committed to making Winnipeg a more welcome and inclusive City. She has been working with immigrant and refugee communities for over seven years. Jessica has worked for settlement agencies and as a researcher on a variety of settlement-related projects in Manitoba and Ontario.​ Before starting on staff with IPW, Jessica volunteered with us on our Inclusion and Civic Engagement Sector Table. She has also worked with adults and children with disabilities, has been an outreach worker in the inner city, and worked for the public service. She holds a Masters of Public Policy and Administration from Ryerson University and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Winnipeg. Jessica is the proud dog-mother of an energetic German-shepherd-husky named Luna… who may or may not be spoiled by her mother.

Rose Roulette

Indigenous Engagement Coordinator


204-943-2561 ext 237

Rose is an Aboriginal Language Specialist from Sandy Bay First Nation of Treaty #1, bilingual in the Ojibway language, who has taught the language to many adults and youth as well. While studying to become a Community Support Worker, she volunteered as a Peer Support Worker with Mood Disorders. This led her to develop Black Eagle Transition Program, an Indigenous program for youth who were transitioning from their communities into the city. In promoting Mental Health for community members, a POW WOW was put together for all those who suffer with Mental Health. Rose comes from a cultural background which has allowed her to teach community members cultural activities such as loom beading, beaded lanyards, making dream catchers, ribbon skirts.

Daria Jorquera Palmer

Project Coordinator, Anti-Racism in Sport 



Daria is passionate about community develop-ment and its importance to an inclusive and equitable society. She has been working in the community development and recreation sector for 10 years in various capacities such as non-profit organizational management, project management and event management. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Management and Community Development from the University of Manitoba and is completing a Masters Certificate in Project Management from York University. Her sport background includes competing on the Canadian National Fencing Team for 12 years (2004-2016), and is now a Level 3 Competition Development Coach, coaching at the provincial team and a local club. In her spare time she enjoys traveling to new places, hiking with her dog and volunteering on boards and committees.

Reuben Garang

Project Manager - Ethnocultural Communities Resource


204-943-2561 ext 239


Before joining the Immigration Partnership Winnipeg, Reuben previously worked for the Province of Manitoba as a Policy Analyst and Community Outreach Advisor. He has also worked with Winnipeg Harvest as the Coordinator for African Refugee and Immigrants Empowerment Project. As a community based researcher, he has skills in organizing focus groups, facilitating community discussions and meetings as well as promoting an inclusive partnership. He holds a Masters Degree in sustainable Development Practice from the University of Winnipeg.

Jamie Banias

Indigenous Engagement Coordinator


204-943-2561 ext 238


Jamie is a proud supporter of community economic development. She has been independently studying marketing for over 15 years with a focus on event management, advertising, and brand development. Jamie is also an Entrepreneur and Freelancer, who has also completed Product Art through the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology and is currently completing Business and Administrative Studies through Red River College.


Jamie has always been fascinated by myths and legends originating from different cultures across the world and loves learning about the languages, traditions, and beliefs of different cultures. She believes that everyone in the world has a valuable and interesting story to tell and that meaningful relationships begin with a willingness to share our stories and listen to the stories of others.

Kathleen Vyrauen

Project Manager, Research and Community Development




Kathleen joins the IPW team as an advocate for community development and social equity. She has been working in the settlement sector for over 8 years in varying capacities, all of which have continued to drive her passion for creating a more welcoming and inclusive city for all marginalized communities. Kathleen holds a 4 yr. BA from the University of Winnipeg and the Global College in Human Rights and Global Studies and hopes to continue her studies in the master’s program in the near future. She wants to continue to lend her voice to advocacy work specifically focused on the needs of marginalized youth and recognizes the strength and resiliency that our young people have and the need to continue to amplified their voices as our future leaders.


On the off chance that she is not working or on the go, you can find Kathleen curled up with a good book or spending time with her family (she has two very adorable nieces that she can’t get enough of!). She also loves to cook and craft which leads her to spending A LOT of time at farmer’s markets in the summer.

Thank you for your interest in our organization and the work that we do!

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